Sun Singer Wine & Spirits

Sun Singer Wine & Spirits
1115 W. Windsor Road, Champaign

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sun_singer_signSun Singer on Windsor Road in Champaign is a retail wine and spirits store, combined with a deli, bar, and a restaurant. They sell craft beers, hundreds of different spirits, and over a thousand wines. Betsy and I have had drinks at Sun Singer once or twice, but have never gotten around to going there for lunch. We’re glad we finally did—we’ve been missing out all this time.

Our intent with this blog was to highlight food around the area, but as an ex-restaurant manager (long ago) I still pay lots of attention to cleanliness, décor, bathrooms, etc. This place is spot on. The bathrooms were spotless (they even have a unisex bathroom, which is way cool), and the restaurant itself was clean as can be. The tables and chairs were sturdy (nothing worse than a wobbly table at lunch) and all-in-all the dining experience was made better for me because of all of this.


I ordered a Reuben sandwich with French fries. It was delicious. The toasted marbled rye bread wasn’t hard as a rock, but firm enough that the bottom wasn’t soggy. It had the perfect amount of meat and sauerkraut and cheese and dressing. I loved the shoestring French fries and my sandwich came with just the right amount of them. I hate nothing more than finishing up lunch and then having a half-pound of fries left over.


Betsy got the smoked salmon club (sans bacon). I think her words were something along the lines of “best sandwich she’s ever had” or some such. She also got a cup of mushroom and brie bisque soup and said it was “delicious.”


I have to admit that the bill was slightly pricey—it was over $30 (not including tip). Well worth it, of course, but more than I’d want to spend on a daily basis for lunch. Overall a definite thumbs up. We’ll be back.

Oh, another testament to how cool this place is–a year or so ago I was commenting on Twitter about how a certain liquor retailer was out of Lagavulin (16 year Scotch). Sun Singer contacted me within minutes and said they had a bottle in stock and would hold it for me. If that’s not smart service, I don’t know what is!

Food: 5stars
Atmosphere: 5stars
Service: 5stars