Dos Reales Mexican Restaurant

Dos Reales
1407 N. Prospect, Champaign

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dos_reales_signDos Reales, often just referred to as “Dos,” is a Mexican restaurant on North Prospect in Champaign, and has been around our area for quite a long time. While other similar Mexican restaurants have come and gone (Mas Amigos, for example), Dos has weathered the test of time.

They serve standard Mexican-American food, and their six-page (six!) menu offers up just about every combination under the sun: tacos, tortas, burritos, chimichangas, fajitas, quesadillas, steak dishes, chicken dishes seafood dishes, etc.  It’s a bit excessive, and could probably be whittled down to a page or two and folks would be just as happy with their available choices. There’s also a reason I eat out at restaurants and don’t run them.


Like other Mexican restaurants they start you off with freshly made chips and salsa. Well, one of the bowls has salsa in it, but I think the other one is just chopped tomatoes as it is plain red and I see no other ingredients of any kind. We usually mix them together and add some green El Yucateco to it to spice it up.


Betsy and I have tried many of their various offerings over the years, and have always come away happy and with a full stomach. I enjoy their burritos and quesadillas, and of course one can’t go wrong with lunch fajitas, which while I don’t have scientific numbers to back this up, appears by casual glance to be one of their more popular dishes. Chicken or steak slices are grilled with tomatoes, peppers, and onions, and served with small tortillas on the side, and the diner then builds their own fajitas. Fun and delicious, I guess.

While the menu seems similar to many of the other restaurants of the same genre we’ve visited over the years, we really have no complaints. The food is good, comes out of the kitchen quickly, and is always very hot. I wish their salsa was spicier, and that they had homemade hot sauces instead of just stuff from the grocery store, but I also realize that most of the world doesn’t necessarily like everything to be ridiculously spicy like I do. All-in-all I have really nothing but good things to say about Dos Reales, and I don’t think most local lunch diners will be disappointed with their fare.

Food: 5stars
Atmosphere: 5stars
Service: 5stars

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