Urbana Garden

Urbana Garden
810 W. Killarney, Urbana
(or http://urbanagarden.com/ ?)

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urbana_gardenUrbana Garden has been located just off North Lincoln Avenue in Urbana, just south of I-74, for a couple of decades. They serve a wide array of items for breakfast, along with sandwiches, soups, and salads for lunch, and a wide array of offerings for dinner. Of course, we’re here to talk about lunch, so that’s what we’ll do.

Betsy ordered their lunchtime salad bar along with a bowl of potato soup. She said the soup had a funny consistency and an odd flavor. Not odd in the sense that it was bad or out of date, but there was some ingredient in it that she couldn’t place a finger on, that she wasn’t expecting to taste. The salad bar was a typical salad bar, however it was apparent that they used “real,” washed iceberg lettuce that was freshly cut up and not salad out of a bag.

I ordered a patty melt and French fries. The patty melt was pretty good, although my complaint with restaurant patty melts (not unique to this place) is getting a round burger put on a much larger, longer piece of rye bread. If I were to open a restaurant (no thanks!) and serve a patty melt, I’d probably do what I do at home—make the hamburger patty longer so that it better fits on the rye bread and there isn’t a pile of crust left over. The fries were big, thick steak fries, which I don’t mind from time to time.


Overall we didn’t have much of a complaint with the food. The service was great, and our food was hot. As it is a family restaurant, the din is a bit louder than I’m used to during lunch, and let’s just leave it at that.

Food: 4stars
Atmosphere: 3stars
Service: 5stars

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